We provide several kinds of home watch services Juno Beach. From exterior and interior home checks, to key access services and emergency support. But if you’re interested in hiring a home watch company to take care of your home in your absence, you may be wondering exactly what services you can (and should) ask to be included in your service plan.

We lay out several options, but the truth is, you understand your needs better than we do. If you have a specific task that needs to be done, we can certainly work with you to have our team plan for that task accordingly, no matter how small.

What is a Home Watch Service?

If you’re not familiar with the idea of “home watch,” we’re a company in the industry of managing and inspecting private properties for owners while they are away — be it on vacation, business, or don’t live in a residence all year-round.

We perform thorough inspections, complete with photos to document on a daily business what we have examined. Our team is specialized in leaving “no rock unturned,” so to speak. Meaning we complete every task completely and with efficiency, making sure no potential issue goes overlooked.

Services You Should Ask for From Your Home Watch Company

What sets us apart here at TurnKey is we endeavor to provide every service we can as it applies to the greater task of home watch.

Aside from inspections and responding to emergencies (like storm damage and break-ins), we can even accept deliveries for you, oversee repairs and maintenance crews, prepare and manage cleanings for your home and vehicles before you arrive, and much more. Some key services you can take advantage of from TurnKey include:

Key Access Services

Key access services encompass everything that requires key access, like cars, sheds, mailboxes, and more. We can do tasks as simple as checking the mail, or as important as working with vendors to make sure deliveries are made, maintenance is done, and repairs are completed correctly and in a timely manner.

Emergency Services

When it comes to emergencies, we don’t just mean responding to security alerts (though we do take those very seriously).

Emergency services also include preparing your home for storms and hurricanes, by putting up shutters. Providing expedient solutions when appliances break, when fuses are blown, or when serious issues like flooding occurs.

Looking for Home Watch Services in Juno Beach?

The great thing about home watch services is we can customize your service plan according to your exact needs. We can do as little or as much as you require or feel comfortable with, and we will perform each task with the same level of care and thorough completion. You can trust TurnKey Home Watch with your home or business.

If you would like to learn more about home watch services Juno Beach, contact us today by phone or via online message and our team will reach out to you shortly!