It’s impossible to make sure that your home is in impeccable condition when you come back from a vacation. We all think that if we leave things as they are, they’ll be in the same condition, but the truth is that life keeps happening while you’re away. Turnkey Home Watch offers comprehensive estate management services to keep your house in order even when you’re not there.

Why Do I Need Home Watch Services in West Palm Beach?

Having someone keeping an eye on your home is essential for people on the go or taking long vacations. Packages continue to arrive, and issues continue to arise. A professional service can make sure that there are no major problems and that your house is in an ideal condition for your arrival.

What Does Turnkey Home Watch Offer?


We take a comprehensive approach to estate management services. That includes picking up packages, watering plants, and any other task you need us to address while you are away. Even if you don’t see a service listed it doesn’t mean we won’t accommodate, just call us and ask, chances are we will go above and beyond to help you.

Key Access

Our team will take care of any aspect of your home and that includes areas that need a key to access. We keep a close eye on every room and provide a complete report of any eventuality.


Our home watch services in West Palm Beach include addressing emergencies when they come up. If there’s a leak or a break it won’t get worse because we will be there to fix it or find someone who can so you don’t have to deal with the hassle upon your return.


We can keep your pool clean and PH balanced. We also make sure that there’s no clogging and maintain a careful checklist of every outdoor task involving your pool or Lanai.

Are You Looking for Estate Management Service in West Palm Beach?

Don’t trust your home to just anyone! Turnkey Home Watch has decades of experience providing home watch services to countless homes and communities. Travel in peace with your home in expert hands. Call today to learn more!