Whether you’re leaving for an extended vacation or have a summer house that’s left unattended for long periods of time, you’ll benefit from hiring a professional home watch services the bears club company. No one wants to bother family members or neighbors to keep an eye on a house and with us you won’t have to. TurnKey Home Watch is here to bring you a wide range of professional home watch services that will keep your home safe and your mind at ease.

What Can TurnKey Do for You?

There’s more to caring for a home than you might think. While you’re away, life keeps happening, packages are still delivered, and incidental damage like leaks and breaks are just as likely. Here’s what the TurnKey Home Watch services The Bears Club can do for you to make sure your home is covered:

Key Access and Concierge

We do more than just superficial security checks to the exterior of your home. TurnKey offers comprehensive home watch services that include overseeing areas that require key access to enter. Our full key access services include:

  • Meeting vendors on your behalf
  • Accepting deliveries
  • Cleaning vehicles before your return
  • Prepare and clean your home for your arrival
  • Senior home watch services the bears club
  • Interior design consultation

Interior & Exterior Services

Every time we visit your home, we do an extensive exterior check that includes the entire grounds, landscape, pests, lawn, and sprinklers. We also take great care to make sure that AC units are functional, fences are intact, and remove newspapers, flyers, or mail from the mailbox.

We also check for damage and provide a full report of any visual signs of leaks, mold, mildew, or pests. As part of our thorough outdoor home watch services The Bears Club, we also check pool levels, equipment, and control panels.

Emergency Service & Repair Management

Leaks, breaks, and other eventualities are a normal part of home ownership. However, these inconveniences can cause some serious headaches if they happen when you are out of town.

Our services include extensive reports of our examinations of any home damage along with images for your records. For small repairs, we will handle ourselves, but in the event that we uncover something that requires extensive work, we can find contractors and arrange repairs before you arrive.

Are You Looking for Home Watch Services in The Bears Club?

TurnKey Home Watch has you covered! You can leave your home and enjoy the comfort of knowing that it’s being taken care of as if you were still there. You can count on us to provide thorough home watch services for the exterior and interior of your home. With TurnKey Home Watch, you can leave knowing your nest is in good hands, so call today!