For homeowners on the go, be it due to long vacations or work travel, having someone you can rely on to watch over your home is a must. You never know what can happen while you’re away and friends or family can be unreliable. If you need a team of professionals to keep your house in check while you’re away, trust Turnkey Home Watch and our top-notch estate management in Palm Beach Gardens.

Why do I Need Home Watch Services?

If you spend a lot of time away from home, you need the peace of mind that you won’t come back to a nightmare. Professional home watch services in Palm Beach Gardens can ensure that your doors are properly locked, your plants are watered, and your pool is clean so when you come back, you don’t have to deal with a mounting list of shores.

What does Turnkey Home Watch Offer?

Key Access

We go beyond exterior checks! Our team can keep an eye on sections of your house that would require keys to entre. That way we know if there are any leaks, mold, or bugs and address these issues before you come back.

Exterior Checks

When we arrive, we take a comprehensive account of the exterior of your home, making sure there’s not weather damage and that your pool water levels are appropriate. Our exterior checks also include thermostats, AC units, or any other equipment that needs regular maintenance.

Concierge Services

From picking up packages to watering plants, we are happy to take special requests and take care of any task you need to be handled while you’re away.

Regular Reports

We keep you informed about the condition of your home. You’ll receive a report every day that includes images and explanations if we encounter any issue.

Do You Need Home Watch Services in Palm Beach Gardens?

Come to the experts at Turnkey Home Watch for security and peace of mind. You can trust our estate management team in Palm Beach Gardens to care for your home like we would our own. Contact us today for a consultation!