A lot more goes to caring for a home than we realize, and that fact doesn’t set in until we are away for an extended period. Most people don’t want to burden their family or friends with the responsibility of regularly checking on their property. If you want to make sure your house is properly looked after, you need to hire a professional home watch services company in North Palm Beach. Turnkey Home Watch is here to offer a premier estate management experience regardless of how long you are away from home.

Does My Home Need Estate Management Services?

This always depends on the needs of your home, but most properties require some sort of regular upkeep. It could be making sure your plants are watered and that the water in the house (from toilets or otherwise) is regularly cycled to prevent mold or mildew. During your extended vacation or work trip, pests may try to settle in, and a home watch services company can keep an eye on the issue and provide a solution before it worsens.

What Makes Turnkey Home Watch Different?

Unlike many home watch services companies in North Palm Beach, we take a personalized approach to each home. We get to know you and your needs before we set up an estate management plan that makes sense. Here are some of the services you can look forward to with us:

Exterior Inspections

When we first arrive at your home, we do a thorough external visual inspection. We check for signs of rodents, make sure your pool water levels are optimal and water your plants if necessary.

Key Access

Our key access service means we can get into rooms and sections of the house that require a key. This helps us make sure every aspect of your home is covered and that we can do a comprehensive inspection, noting any problems, and addressing them right away.

Concierge Service

For our team, no task is too small. Our concierge service covers all those details that are not part of our walkthroughs. Upon your request, we can:

  • Start your vehicles
  • Accept packages on your behalf
  • Water interior plans
  • Provide senior home watch services

Emergency Support

Houses are magnets for little projects. Those small breaks and the occasional leak still happen while you’re away. In the unlikely case in which we find an emergency, we will address it if we can, otherwise, we will arrange for a trusted contractor to handle the issue before you return.

Want to Hire a Professional Home Watch Services Company in North Palm Beach?

With Turnkey Home Watch, you’ll enjoy the unique combination of experience and a personalized approach to estate management in North Palm Beach. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can keep your home in good condition!