The perils of home ownership can strike at the most inopportune times. When you’re not around, you should employ the help of a home watch services company you can count on. This is especially true here in Florida, as weather can cause damage over time and pests can settle into homes quite easily.

If you’re one of thousands of homeowners that call the sunshine state home for the summer, TurnKey Home Watch is just the company you need to keep your abode in excellent condition for your return.

We Oversee Your Entire Property

When we say we got you covered, we mean every part of your home, inside and out. Our system is tailored for the needs of each property and we approach our craft just as a management company would.

Preliminary Consultation

Our overview begins with a free consultation in which we review your needs and that of your house. We do a detailed walkthrough and make note of any specific requests.

Key Access

We stay on top of the responsibilities in every part of your house, even those that require keys to access. This includes checking every room for signs of break ins, theft, weather damage, or bugs.

Concierge Services

There might be other home watch services West Palm companies, but none that cater specifically to their clients the way TurnKey does. Not only do we design a detailed approach to suit your home, we also offer a concierge service to handle any small task you might want us to while you’re away. This includes watering plants, picking up and forwarding packages, turning on cars, or providing access and supervising vendors.

We try to cover as many bases as we can. If you think of something and aren’t sure if we can do it, just ask! Chances are we are willing to work with you.

Thorough Exterior and Interior Checks

In our detailed exterior checks, we look for:

  • Damage to windows and doors
  • Signs of pests and infestation
  • Properly adjusted AC and humidistat settings
  • Signs of water damage, mold, and mildew

We also take a number of measures to prevent damage or unnecessary nuisances upon your return. We do this by cycling the water in toilets, washers, and dishwashers, and checking the water levels and condition of your pool or Water heater.

Sometimes there’s things that even you as the owner can neglect to check. With that in mind we make sure we have everything covered including:

  • Circuit breaker panels
  • Garages and trashes
  • Signs of pests and infestations

Ready to Hire an Exceptional Home Watch Service in West Palm Beach?

For a name you can trust to keep your home safe and cared for, turn to TurnKey Home Watch. Reach out to our offices today for a free consultation to discuss your specific needs and we will send one of our experts over. Our work is guaranteed to leave you happy and make every extended stay away from home stress-free. Call us today!