Whether you’re a frequent traveler or have multiple homes that are often left empty, you’ve probably contended with how to make sure your house is in the same condition as you left it. Even if you’ve invested in a security system and left all the doors locked, there’s still a lot out of your hands.

Recruiting TurnKey’s professional home watch services Tequesta will ensure that the details are handled. Our expertise is a valuable tool for any homeowner. Here’s why:

We Know Where to Look

A professional home watch company has benefits you simply can’t get from neighbors, friends, or family. We do this for a living and have developed a comprehensive list of details we keep an eye on while we are checking your home.

Our full range of services extends to accessing every area of the house that needs to be reviewed, checking for break ins, weather damage, or impending pest infestation. An untrained eye might not be able to spot the signs the way our experts can.

A-Z Exterior and Interior Examinations

We pride ourselves in our thorough approach to home protection. When you hire TurnKey, you’ll know we leave no stone unturned. We check:

  • Windows and doors for damage
  • Refrigerators, freezers, and wine coolers for proper temperature and operation
  • Garages and Trash
  • AC settings
  • Closets, pantries, and storage cabinets for sings of pests

Our comprehensive approach includes lanai and pool area checks for water levels, condition of pool water, and even the pool equipment.

Every System is Tailored to Your Need

TurnKey Home Watch understands that everyone has different needs, so as an additional benefit, we expand our capabilities to include a full concierge service. This means we are able to accomplish tasks small and large while you’re away. Concierge service can include:

  • Watering plants
  • Accepting and forwarding packages
  • Preparing and cleaning home for your arrival

We keep our home watch services Tequesta flexible. No task is too small. So, if you think of something during your free consultation or while you’re away, don’t hesitate to ask. TurnKey Home Watch stands ready to accommodate every need!

We Record and Address All Home Damage

In the unlikely event that your home incurs some damage while you’re away, our team regularly inspects the house and provides detailed reports. These reports include photos for your records. Once the reports are made, we address the damage ourselves if a quick fix. Otherwise, we can arrange for external contractors to handle the problem before you arrive.

Let Us Keep Your Home Safe in Tequesta

Want to learn more about how we can keep your home safe and tidy for your return? Just give TurnKey Home Watch a call today for a free consultation with one of our experts to fully document the needs of your property. We will then tailor a comprehensive system that fits your needs and wants. Once you leave your key with us, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands.