If you’re planning an extended trip that will leave your home unattended for a long period of time, you’re probably considering hiring a home watch service Seminole Golf Club company to keep an eye on your property. Knowing what to look for in a home watch company can be a little tricky if you’ve never hired a similar service before. Well, you’re in luck! Not only does TurnKey Home Watch provide every utility you could be looking for, but we are also going to equip you with the knowledge of what to prioritize when making you choice.

Key Access Services

Keeping your home secure is more than a cursory look at the exterior landscaping and checking that all your doors are locked. Our comprehensive home watch service Seminole Golf Club involves reviewing all those parts of your home that require a key to get into. What else goes into key access services?

  • Checking every room in the house for signs of damage
  • Clean vehicles and have them ready for your return
  • Checking guest houses and tool sheds

Concierge Service

More goes into watching over a home than you might initially think. Even if your entire property is looked after, what happens to those packages, mailings, and other shipments that arrive while you’re away? It’s important that your home watch company offers a full concierge services that includes providing access to vendors and accept shipment pick-ups. Concierge service should also include preparing your home for arrival, turning on vehicles, and even watering plants.

Emergency Repair Services

If there’s a breakage, leak, or other emergency, you as a homeowner need to know right away. Look for a home watch service Seminole Golf Club company that provides regular checks and reports that include images of any issues that might arise. Bonus points if the company can repair the damage in house or at least arranges for an independent contractor on your behalf.

Thorough Exterior Checks

Certain companies offer exterior checks that involve a basic overview of the outside of the home without covering all the bases. Thorough exterior checks should include:

  • Checking windows and doors for damage
  • Check circuit breakers
  • Look for signs of water damage
  • Look for sings for insects, rodents, and other pests

Pool Area Checks

If you have a pool, lanai, or other outdoor recreational water areas, you’ll want to know that those are well looked-after when you are away. Pool area checks are more than making sure that there are no bugs floating around. It should mean that your water levels are adjusted, the PH and condition of the water is accounted for, and that all your pool equipment and control panels are in good order.

Want to Know Your Home is in Good Hands While You’re Away?

Turnkey checks all the boxes of what you want in professional home watch services Seminole Golf Club. Our wide range of services include key access, concierge, emergency repair, exterior, and pool area checks. Want to know how else we keep your house safe while you’re enjoying your time away? Give us a call today!