Keep Watch Over Your Property From a Far

Your property is essential to you, but you can’t always be there to watch over it and care for it. That is where the right estate management company in Jupiter Island comes into play. Turnkey Home Watch offers you peace of mind and protection that is unmatched by any other property management company in the area. From taking pictures of your property to checking your mail to starting your vehicles while you are away, Turnkey Home Watch lets you be away from your property without having to worry about what is going on in your absence.

Limits Property Damage

How many horror stories have you heard about someone leaving their home for an extended period of time and coming back to thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage due to something like a leaky roof, a burst pipe, or a flooded basement? It can happen to anyone, but thankfully with Turnkey Home Watch, you can help mitigate some of that risk. While we can’t prevent damage from happening to your property, we can quickly identify any issues and begin repairing them before the damage spirals out of control.

Allows You to Return Seamlessly

When you get back to your property after being away for a long time, you want just to turn the key and begin using that space without having to open everything back up. Property management companies allow you to take this step out of the equation. It’ll be like you never left because our trained professionals will have kept everything up in your absence.

Improves the Chance of Getting Money from Insurance Claims

Did you know that some home insurance policies won’t payout for damages if your home is left unattended? In the eyes of most insurance companies, it is on you for not being there to watch over your home at every waking moment. When you hire a professional property management company to oversee your property, and something goes wrong, your insurance company is more likely to listen when a property management company validates what you are claiming.

Avoid Stress

You enjoy a stress-free life when you hire us for estate and home management services. We take care of everything, even property repairs and maintenance in Jupiter Island. We are here to give you the peace of mind you deserve whenever you are away from your property.

Taking Care of Out-of-Area Property

We realize the inconvenience and stress involved in managing a property that lies out of town or far away from your residence. You can count on us to assist you with any type of repairs or home improvement chores. We are just a call away. Our network of specialists will resolve any issue for you in and around Jupiter Island.

Check for Damages

Did you know that the average person can’t differentiate between mildew and regular soot or dust? Knowing how to spot the signs of damage in a home or office space is a keen talent that takes years of experience to master. Not every homeowner has a sharp eye to spot mold growing or know the difference between what could damage your property or not. With Turnkey Home Watch, you have licensed professionals walking through your home looking for any signs of damage. Stopping broader issues before they have a chance to get worse could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Look After Everything From Your Cars to Your Pool

Sometimes you need to be gone from your property for longer than 30 days. It happens, but how do you know if your home and belongings are still safe? That’s where Turnkey Home Watch comes into play. You might have a stock of classic cars that need to be started every week or a certain plant that requires specific care at specific times of the week, or you are away on vacation, and you need something at your home serviced. All of these things, and more, are what we can do for you while you are gone.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The most significant benefit of hiring us is the cost savings you enjoy on maintenance and repair work for your property. We connect with the best network of contractors and maintenance companies in Admirals Cove and Frenchmen’s Creek. We understand the issues that crop up frequently and get volume discounts without intermediaries that save you money.

Higher ROI

We offer excellent value-based packages for preventative maintenance and repairs. These economical packages help identify any structural or maintenance issues early. We provide recommendations on repairs and upgrades to keep your property looking new. You get a high ROI when using our maintenance services.

We Offer End-to-end Services

Home Watch and Monitoring

We offer comprehensive Home watch and Monitoring services for all your properties in Admirals Cove, Frenchmen’s creek, and Jupiter Island. It’s essential to be vigilant about your empty properties as miscreants may misuse or steal from them. They should also be regularly visited to identify any water damage or other maintenance issues. Turnkey Home Watch provides comprehensive monitoring services. We visit your property and secure it by erecting compounds/fences and CC TV cameras about the premises. We can appoint a permanent security person to monitor it physically. Our control room will continuously monitor your property. We report any attempted break-ins immediately to you and local authorities.

Home Watch and Monitoring

We provide expert hurricane preparedness and response services for your properties and estates. We follow a robust checklist to ensure safety before and after the hurricane.

Our preparedness and hurricane services include:

  • Creating and maintaining emergency contacts lists
  • Shutters for your property in Loxahatchee Club & The Bears Club
  • Clear debris and obstructions from drains
  • Meetings and daily bulletins with updates
  • Reviewing your insurance and advising accordingly
  • Turn off any propane tanks or flammable items
  • A building inspection and repairs post the hurricane

Our services are comprehensive and cover all aspects of Hurricane preparedness to give you complete peace of mind.

Detail-Oriented Checklists

Our specially trained professionals are experts in inspecting homes for property damage, mold, break-ins, and anything else that could happen to your home while you are away from it. We take pride in being so detail-oriented to give you an accurate idea of exactly what is going on in your home. No one likes being surprised by issues in their home, especially ones that can spiral out of control when left unsupervised.

Our inspections include:

  • Removing junk mail/flyers from the mailbox
  • Walk the entire exterior of the home, inspecting for signs of vandalism or forced entry
  • Check for drainage issues
  • Inspect for mold and mildew
  • Replace fire/smoke alarm batteries
  • Turn off any propane tanks or flammable items
  • Run sinks, showers, and tubs

Our professional team is just a call away to assist you with these services and more!

Property Maintenance

Turnkey Home Watch provides end-to-end property maintenance services. We have extensive experience and a vast network of vendors and maintenance contractors. Apart from property repairs, we also assist owners with preventive maintenance services all through the year. Our turnaround time is the quickest in the area.

Our services include:

  • Painting, tiling, and flooring services
  • Building repairs and leakage prevention
  • Plumbing and electrical maintenance
  • Building upgrades and remodeling
  • Landscaping and garden maintenance
  • Generators repair and maintenance
  • Regular inspection of heating/cooling systems

We offer attractive annual property maintenance plans that safeguard your property against damage.

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