An Industry Leading Team

We are a home watch service based in Jupiter, Florida, serving the Palm Beach and South Florida area.

Founded by Andrew Berman, TurnKey Home Watch is a family-owned business, operated by Andrew and his wife, Faby.

Born and raised in Michigan, but with family in Palm Beach, Andrew started visiting the area in 1990. His plan to make the move down began in small steps, starting with him investing in a West Palm Beach vacation property. While traveling between his two homes, later adding a third in Central America, Andrew gained valuable experience from paying the high level of attention necessary to maintain multiple properties at once.  

So, finally, after many years of business travel, he decided to settle. With a love for the area, he made a permanent home in Jupiter with his family and started TurnKey Home Watch.

Andrew has more than 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, real estate investment, and property maintenance, giving him the expertise to meet the needs of today’s property owners.

It goes without saying that we understand the concerns and needs of the part-time vacation home owner having experienced it first hand.

The entire team at TurnKey Home Watch is geared to ensure that your property is provided the best service for when you cannot be here to manage it yourself.

Ready to Learn More About TurnKey Home Watch?

Turnkey Home Watch also provides services such as Key Access, Concierge Services, and Emergency Repair. If we ever find an issue with your home, we will coordinate the solution with your choice of professionally licensed companies. We service all of South Florida! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!